How To Choose Bridal Jewellery – The Things You Need To Remember

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It will be a day made in heaven when you finally find your love for a lifetime. For the bride who will be walking the aisle soon, there will be many things to consider. One of these things will be the jewellery that will be needed. Of course, it won’t have to be too elaborate and too loud. You will need to consider classic jewellery that will make you the blushing bride that you should be.

Now, here are several tips on how to choose bridal jewellery. You may want to consider them all before choosing the accessories you will wear on your most special day.

Wedding Theme

For starters, what will be your wedding theme? Your jewellery will need to coincide with the wedding theme. You don’t really like to have jewellery that is too flashy when your wedding theme is something really simple. Will it be a garden wedding, for instance? Will it be a church wedding, perhaps? So, your jewellery will have to be in line with the wedding theme. You might be considering colors and designs as well.

Designs And Colors

Since you will use the jewellery to coincide with your overall wedding, the designs and colors need to be thought of. Classic designs are preferred especially when you are considering a traditional church wedding or a formal wedding that will have all the traditional stuff put together. Go for colors like white, silver, and gold. Gold can be too flashy but if your wedding ring will be gold, this should be a good option for you.

It will also be better to consider simple designs and small accessories rather than big ones. However, you may want to go for bigger jewellery but you will need to think of designs that won’t look to heavy as well. Go through all the choices first and ask your saleslady about the best jewellery items they have.

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas for your engagement rings, there are a ton of websites that curate lovely images of rings in galleries like this or you could even try Pinterest.


You will also need to consider the gown you will be wearing. Since white is the typical color you might also choose, go for simple jewellery that won’t make the overall effect to flashy. You want to appear fresh and youthful. Heavy jewellery will destroy that effect.


These are only some of the considerations you have on how to choose bridal jewellery. You can add up more to it if you want. The point here is that you need to find jewellery that will coincide with the wedding’s theme and overall look. You will also need jewellery that will enhance your overall look without being too flashy and out of place in the process.