5 Wedding Trends You’re Going to Love


Weddings are a day of expression, wonderment and dreaming. They’re each as unique as the couples they’re honoring, and they always have something fresh, new, and exciting for the couple and their guests to enjoy.

This year, however, some new trends have certainly made themselves known. Each one has put a new spin on a day full of traditions.

Remembering the Environment

Couples often splurge and go to extravagance on this special day, but they’re also making sure their day doesn’t harm the environment and the beautiful world around them.

Secondhand items and clothing, green party favors, staycation honeymoons, closer destination weddings and many other choices are showing wedding professionals that the environment is definitely more important to engaged couples this year.

Smaller Budgets

The economy may be climbing out of the recession, but couples have yet to fully recover. And even if they do, many have learned the importance of saving money when you can. This has translated into smaller budgets for weddings. Shorter guest lists, fewer events, and less extravagant honeymoons are just the start. Brides are doing a lot more of the work themselves, including making their own wedding favors, food, and more.

Fantasy Weddings

Just because brides are looking to save money and the environment doesn’t mean their dream weddings have suffered. If anything, people are getting more unique and taking the opportunity to live out their fantasies. Disney weddings, ceremonies in non-traditional locations, and fun venues are all making the top list of trends this year. So, if you’ve always wanted to get married in Italy, a jungle, or on a Viking ship, now is your chance!

wedding trends


In a world where everything is done as quickly as possible and in bulk, adding a personal touch to your is extremely important. Instead of just printing invitations or setting out wedding favors, take the time to write hand-written notes, add their names to things, and show your guests you were thinking of them at that very moment. They’ll definitely notice, and they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.

Unique Twists on Old Traditions

Tradition is a huge part of weddings. Even the most unconventional weddings usually have some traditional elements. This year, brides are putting their own twists on staple wedding traditions. They’re skipping diamonds and the white dress and looking for ones with a bit more color and fun. They’re doing away with many events on the traditional wedding schedule and opting for more fun and freedom. The sky is the limit.

What recent wedding trends have you noticed lately that you like or dislike?


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